The Metropolitan Opera Season That Vanished

May 15, 2020

Hear singers perform excerpts from productions that were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Javier Camarena was going to try for more encores.

We have an expression in Spanish: “parteaguas,” a before-and-after, and I had one in my career singing “La Cenerentola” at the Met in 2014. It really put me in the spotlight.

Singing the aria of Don Ramiro was one of the most precious memories I have in my whole career. At the end of the aria, I have to run upstage and go out, and I remember I was running, and suddenly it was like a huge tsunami, the clapping and the screaming; it was really like a rock concert or something. And then the second performance was even more excitement, so we did the encore — and the third, it was even more.